Wholesale Christmas Jumpers

Interested in stocking some brilliant Christmas Jumpers for 2015?

For 2015, our Wholesale Christmas Jumper Catalogue and pricelist is now Available

Update June 2015:  Unfortunately, our order book for Wholesale Christmas Jumpers is now Full.  If you want to create some noise this Christmas and are interested in creating custom Christmas Jumpers for your staff or company, please contact us at info@christmasjumperking.com

We started wholesaling great Xmas Jumpers in 2011 and we have one of widest ranges of Christmas Jumpers available anywhere in the world.

We can help you…

  • Choose styles that suit your target market.
  • Pick a great price point.
  • Provide you with pictures for online selling / marketing.
  • Pick the a good size mix.

The Christmas Jumpers we’re known for are:

  • Christmas Jumpers with lights.
  • 3D Christmas Jumpers.

If you need to develop a bespoke Christmas Jumper for a company or promotion – we do this a lot and have a full section at Custom Christmas Jumpers.

Our minimum order quantity is only 25 Christmas Jumpers!

To get a copy of our Christmas Jumper catalogue and pricelist, just drop us a note with your details toinfo@christmasjumperking.com and we’d be delighted to send you some details.

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