How to Setup a Christmas Pop-Up Shop

I’ve received a huge amount of requests for information on pop-ups over the past few weeks so I said I’d do a blog post. Over the past 5 years, we’ve setup a lot of pop-up shops – about 12 in total.  Our shops have ranged from shopping centre units to Christmas fairs to difficult to access shop units.

Creating a Niche Seasonal Business You Love!

I get lots and lots of queries about the actual business of Christmas Jumpers so I said I’d write a quick post for anyone interested in starting a seasonal business. First up, I love Christmas and love Christmas Jumpers.  They’re not for everyone and that’s fine.

Custom Christmas Jumpers – Nandos Case Study

The Client Nandos cook amazing chicken.  A lot of amazing chicken.  They operate more than 1,000 restaurants in 24 countries and are famous throughout the world for their PERI PERI sauce and their amazing customer

Custom Christmas Jumpers

Why not create a brilliant custom Christmas Jumper?  Imagine creating your very own knitted Christmas Jumper!!!! We’d love to help.  We’ve worked with some brilliant companies since we launched way back in 2009 and pioneered the 3-D Christmas Jumper and Christmas Jumpers with lights.

Wholesale Christmas Jumpers

Interested in stocking some brilliant Christmas Jumpers for 2015? For 2014, our Wholesale Christmas Jumper Catalogue and pricelist is now Available. We started wholesaling great Xmas Jumpers in 2011 and we have one of widest ranges of Christmas Jumpers available anywhere in the world.

Some of the Great Brands we've worked with